Cricket book in Korean is coming soon

Cricket book in Korean is coming soon. Please check back later.


  • This book can serve as a text book for one or two semesters at schools
  • Knowledge gained from the book can help local coaches to be able to teach the skills required to play the game
  • Best localized language used for different cricketing terms
  • All the ‘Laws of Cricket’ are described in a simple and plain language without referring to the law numbers
  • Everything is explained with the help of pictures/images/illustrations
  • Covers MCC’s Laws of Cricket, 2017 Code
  • Includes changes/updates to the playing conditions approved in the ICC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), June 2017 & October 2017
  • Excellent paper and printing quality
  • Low and nominal price to make it affordable for everyone
  • Like the efforts of so many others, this book is an attempt at making Cricket a truly global sport
  • An ideal gift for any age
  • 17x23cm, 263 pages
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