Cricket book in Simplified Chinese is published

After several years of hard and continuous work the Simplified Chinese Cricket book ‘I Love Cricket (我愛板球)’ is published. The book is intended to help both players and coaches. Simplified Chinese is mostly used in China, Malaysia, Singapore and overseas Chinese communities.



  • This book can serve as a text book for one or two semesters at schools
  • Knowledge gained from the book can help local coaches to be able to teach the skills required to play the game
  • Best localized language used for different cricketing terms
  • All the ‘Laws of Cricket’ are described in a simple and plain language without referring to the law numbers
  • Everything is explained with the help of pictures/images/illustrations
  • Covers MCC’s Laws of Cricket, 2017 Code
  • Includes changes/updates to the playing conditions approved in the ICC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), June 2017 & October 2017
  • Excellent paper and printing quality
  • Low and nominal price to make it affordable for everyone
  • Like the efforts of so many others, this book is an attempt at making Cricket a truly global sport
  • An ideal gift for any age
  • 17x23cm, 263 pages
  • ISBN: 978-986-94376-1-5

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