World Cricket League (WCL)

The ICC has set up cricket development regions for Africa, Americas, Asia, East Asia-Pacific and Europe. Teams from these 5 regions compete with other teams from within their region to gain promotion to the ICC World Cricket League (WCL). WCL is a 50/50 format league system. ICC assesses and awards ODI status based on the performance and ranking in WCL.

WCL has two parts:
1. WCL Championship (also called Division 1)
2. WCL Division 2 ~ Division 6

WCL structure is shown above. Each division has 6-8 teams. Promotion and relegation takes place between divisions. The following structure or number of team may change in future.

A fixed number of top teams from the WCL Championship are awarded ODI status temporarily for a period of 4 years and they can then play 50/50 matches with full members.

Just getting ODI status does not make a team a full member. 12 full members already have permanent ODI status. Please keep up-to date with Associate members’ ODI status.


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